Mystery Shopping - making extra money from shopping


Being a Mystery Shopper


Visiting stores, test driving new cars, or calling a customer service, is a fun way to make extra money.

Extra money

You usually get from 5 to 100 Euro for an assignment depending on length and how complex it is.


We want you to have fun while doing this, but it is also a responsibility. You need to follow instructions, and be honest.


Why becoming a Mystery Shopper?

You get to be part of helping companies improving their service - and be paid for it.

You can apply for one task once in a while, or many.

A mystery shopper is an ordinary customer who is paid to visit a store and then report the experience.

We believe you are responsible, flexible and want to do Mystery Shopping well.


Sign up to get started

Sign the contract

We are serious about Mystery Shopping. We need to know that you are too. When you sign up, there will be a Mystery Shopper contract you must approve.

In the contract you will find what we expect of you - honesty and communication. But also what you can expect, such as when you will be paid.

Seek assignments

There is always something to do once you have a login. Sometimes just a small survey, sometimes large projects. Apply for what you are interested in.

The assignments you will find in our online portal, and to them there will be a short brief about what the assignment is about, and where the visit is to be done.

Start Mystery Shopping

When we see that you and maybe others applied for an assignment, we will assign it to a Shopper. We make sure as many as possible get assignments that fits them as well as possible.

When you have been assigned a visit, you read the instructions and get started. You will report in our online portal the same day as you did the visit.


Some examples of assignments

A home electronics brand wants to know what the salespersons in the stores say about their products. You will go to the store assigned to you and ask for a recommendation. If they donĀ“t recommend our clients product, you ask what they think about it, good and bad.

A car brand wants is finding out if the salespersons are knowledgable and good representatives for their car. So you will pretend to be interested in buying it! You will probably get to test drive, and you will ask for an offer.

A pub chain needs to make sure all their pubs are friendly, clean, and follow the chain profile. You visit to observe how it looks and to interact with the staff.


What others said

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Exciting and extra income

It is a super exciting and varied job. I do it to get extra money as student, or get a free meal while I study, but I'm sure I'll continue as a shopper after my studies.

Travelling consultant

While I travel anyway

I am a traveling consultant and visit on my travels the shops I find exciting. In this way, I supplement my salary at the same time that I help to improve customer service for other consumers.

Senior Citizen

Mostly for fun - and extra money

I used to work with sales and service in everyday life, and being a senior citizen I get to continue in a way. I do it mostly for fun - and of course it's nice to have a little extra money.


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